Introducing Home Efficiency Rebate Plus: Now up to $10,000 back!

Introducing Home Efficiency Rebate Plus: Now up to $10,000 back!

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Discover why a hybrid system is the right choice for your next air conditioner! 
  • provides heating and cooling
  • ductless heat pumps available
  • reduces your carbon footprint
  • save up to 50% on energy bills

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NAPOLEON heat pump units are compatible with any type of furnace, so you get all the flexibility to heat and cool your home with gas, electricity, or both. A heat pump can easily be added to the existing heating system within your home. During the Summer, a heat pump acts as an air conditioner by drawing heat from inside your home and moving it outside. During the Spring & Fall,
the heat pump draws heat from outside and moves it indoors. During the coldest days, when temperatures drop below -30°C (-22°F), continue to stay warm with your gas furnace. With a 10-year limited warranty on parts and compressor, this reliable, NAPOLEON product, provides cost-saving, home comfort and low carbon footprint.

Central Heat Pumps

An energy-efficient alternative to a gas furnace, Napoleon central heat pumps offer significant advantages and cost savings when heating and cooling your home. Ideal in milder climates, central heat pumps give you the ability to custom-tailor your home’s comfort while wasting less energy. For those who reside in colder regions, a central heat pump can be paired with your existing furnace system to reduce energy consumption and costs.

Ductless Heat Pumps

No ductwork? No problem. Napoleon's Ductless Heat Pumps offer high-efficiency comfort in a versatile package. When you don't have ducting or access to natural gas, you can still enjoy whole-home comfort with Napoleon's ductless heat pumps. The perfect solution to heat and cool your home where installing or extending ductwork is unfeasible.

Ductless Air Conditioners

Sometimes known as mini-splits, Napoleon ductless air conditioners and heat pumps are the perfect solution to heat or cool any home without ducting. Quietly maintaining comfort levels, these sleek, attractive units blend into your décor nearly inconspicuously.

Ideal for older homes, converted attics and add-on rooms and cottages, ductless air conditioners are an excellent way to heat or cool your home and reduce humidity when installing or extending ductwork is unfeasible.

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