Charcoal Rake and Tongs
Charcoal Rake and Tongs
Charcoal Rake and Tongs
Charcoal Rake and Tongs

Charcoal Rake and Tongs

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Napoleon's Charcoal Rake and Tongs have been designed to safely scoop, rake, move hot or cold charcoal and ash around the grill as needed. The 25-inch (63.5 cm) multifunctional rake that functions as a grid flipper as well, and 20-inch (50.8 cm) tongs keep your hands safely away from the heat. Charcoal management when using kettle grills and smokers can be hot work, make life easier and safer with the Charcoal Rake and Tongs set. Safely rake and move hot charcoal and ash around to where it’s needed while keeping your hands away from the heat. Whether you are refining your favorite cooking techniques on the barbecue or learning an entirely new way of preparing a meal, Napoleon has the barbecue accessories you need.
  • 20" Tong is Designed to Scoop, Rake, Move Charcoal and Ash
  • 25" Multifunctional Charcoal Rake
  • Dual-end Functions as a Grid Lifter
  • Safely Reach Lit Coals
  • Packaging Height (in): 3.5 in
  • Packaging Length (in): 25.5 in
  • Packaging Weight (lbs): 2.55 lbs
  • Packaging Width (in): 6.5 in
  • Product Depth (cm): 64 cm
  • Product Depth (in): 25.25 in
  • Product Height (cm): 11 cm
  • Product Height (in): 4.25 in
  • Product Width (cm): 7 cm
  • Product Width (in): 2.75 in